Welcome here at the Furttal Regional Economic Development web portal.

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We provide a point of access for:

  • Companies and Individuals that plan to establish themselves in the Furttal region
  • Companies that that seek assistance in finding suitable commercial or industrial rental property or zoned land for commercial construction
  • Companies or individuals that seek contacts with authorities institutions in the Furttal region



New: Have a look at the interactive "Panorama of the Furttal". Click on the picture below to start the panoramic view.



Erfolgsfaktoren in Sport und Unternehmertum sind identisch

  • STF

    Ausschuss-Sitzung Oktober

    Saturday 26.10.2019
  • STF

    33. Vorstandssitzung

    Standortförderung Furttal
    Wednesday 06.11.2019 16:00
  • STF

    Roundtable Furttal-Arena

    Wednesday 06.11.2019 18:00