Objectives – regional development

  • The Furttal’s promotion as an attractive place to life and work, considering qualitative factors.
  • The support of local Furttal business by facilitating contacts with investment and promotional entities.
  • The creation of a business network that integrates and combines the interests of commerce, politics and the population, aimed at the definition and support of a balanced and broad-based development in the Furttal valley.
  • Strengthening the Furttal region’s relationship to canton and the confederation by focusing its interests.

Jahresprogramme 2023

  • SWFF


    Mittwoch 01.11.2023 11:30 13:00
  • SWFF

    14. Furttal-Arena 2023

    Mittwoch 15.11.2023 17:30 21:00
  • SWFF

    Bei Bedarf Vorstandsitzung

    Standortförderung Furttal
    Mittwoch 22.11.2023 11:30 13:00