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Boppelsen, a small Furttal community, is located along the south flank of mount Lägern, situated some 520 m above sea level. The region is often referred to as the sun terrace of the region. Nestled between mount Lägern in the north and a several smaller surrounding elevations in the south, the town enjoys a unique climate. More...


Buchs shares its border with the regional capital Dielsdorf. As a result of ancient roman developments in the region, one can still find traces of these dwellings in both these neighboring villages. More...


Up to 1843, the two communities Dällikon and its neighbor Dänikon formed a joint political community. The common educational system separated in 1876 whereas the two villages still share their religious establishments today. More...


The oldest traceable records that mention this community date back to 1130. These documents list the town’s name as Täninchoven. More recent documents that originated in 1262, define Tenikon as the valid name used at that time. In 1821, a new city hall was erected, along with a new school building. A new town flag was introduced at that time that decorated the school building. It depicted a ploughshare on a white background. It is believed that this symbol was intended to represent the local farmer’s resolve and determination. More...


Historical records first mention the town of Hüttikon on February 3rd of 883. In 1803 the town separated its political association with Aargau and was reassigned to the canton of Zurich. In 1868 the towns existing religious ties to Würenlos were separated and transferred to Otelfingen. Today’s political and cultural community exists since 1814. More...


The oldest traceable records of Otelfingen date back to the 11th century, where the community is mentioned in conjunction with the monastery of Wettingen. From 1409 up to the adoption of the Helvetic Constitution in 1798, Otelfingen was part of the “Landvogtei Regensberg” that also included the 12 communities Boppelsen, Buchs ZH, Dielsdorf, Regensberg, Sünikon, Niedersteinmaur, Obersteinmaur, Bachs, Schöfflisdorf, Oberweningen, Schleinikon and Niederweningen. More...


Located just a few kilometers west of Zurich and the airport, this town spans across the entire Furttal valley. The valley forms a direct link between the two strong economic regions, Zürich Nord und Zürich West. As a result of its important and strategic location, the town of Regensdorf has, over the past 50 years, developed from a small farming community to a modern and economic center. More...


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