Life – Attractive living space in the Furttal valley

The following are comments made by Professor Dr. Marc Angélil, ETH Zürich

"The Furttal valley’s most precious characteristic is its landscape. It must be a long-term objective to identify and protect this cultural heritage and thereby secure its impact on our identity and its economic importance."

Life in a rural environment, while retaining the proximity to the urban centers Zurich, Wettingen and Baden, is only one of the strengths the Furttal valley has to offer. Land resources, outstanding recreational facilities and service offerings, bicycle and hiking facilities, a Golf park in Otelfingen along with a diversified club and cultural life complete and ensure a high standard of living.

Entrepreneurs and individuals join forces to increase the attractiveness of the Furttal region. One of these examples is the inauguration of the observation tower Altberg in the summer of 2010.

Observation tower Altberg

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