Our projects

Traffic situation

In 2013 und 2014 we have concetrated our activities to discuss the actual problems of commuter transport as well as the difficult road situation. On both Furttal Arenas (2013 / 2014) we have presented experts and politicians to the public and discussed the issues. We will have a tremendous improvement at the End of 2015 with public transport (SBB & ZVV)

Survey "Employees satisfaction with their environment"

The survey shows the lacks in infrastructure (food facilites, public transport etc.) and can be ordered - in German only - via our mail address  


We have established a real-estate database aimed at facilitating the search for commercial property. It shall serve established firms and others that seek to set foot in our region. The forum shall also allow property owners to register and promote their industrial or commercial property as well as zoned lots that are for sale.

Facilities with public access

zoned lots that are for sale. Facilities with public access While many commercial facilities with access for seminars, courses and conventions are well known, there are many other suitable localities that are far less frequented and known. For that purpose, a database shall be established that lists all available options.


AWA Informationen & Anlaufstellen zum Coronavirus

Einschätzung der aktuellen Lage im Furttal

  • SWFF

    Unternehmer-Frühstück 2020

    CO2 neutraler Treibstoff - die Zukunft der Luftfahrt? - Dr. Philipp Furler, CTO / Synhelion SA
    Donnerstag 27.08.2020 07:30
    Hotel Thessoni Classic Zürich
  • SWFF

    Roundtable Furttal-Arena

    Mittwoch 16.09.2020 18:00
    Hotel Thessoni Classic Zürich
  • SWFF

    Wirtschaftsforum 2020

    Donnerstag 01.10.2020 15:30
    Hotel Mövenpick - Regensdorf
  • SWFF

    Ausschuss-Sitzung Oktober

    Montag 26.10.2020