Broad-based sponsorship – all Furttal political communities and associations

  • 2012 February, first general assembly with minutes of meeting.
  • Spring 2011: The office is supported by a special committee of our organization.
  • October 2010: Business is conducted by a dedicated office. The responsible manager, Mr. Andreas Wandfluh, has intimate knowledge of the Furttal region that he calls home since 1976.
  • Summer 2010: The Furttal Regional Economic Development association is launched by all seven Furttal communities, commercial interest groups and industry associations. All members of the organizing committee are delegates of the various Furttal communities and the local business associations.
  • 2009: Workshops are conducted involving external advisors, political communities and economic interest groups.
  • 2005: First plans are made to foster effective and focused growth of the Furttal region.

Informationen & Anlaufstellen zum Coronavirus

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    9. Generalversammlung 2020 ->verschoben!

    Thursday 02.04.2020 16:00
    Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation wird die GV 2020 auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben. Info wenn neues Datum bekannt folgt.
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    Ausschuss-Sitzung Juni

    Wednesday 03.06.2020
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    Tuesday 16.06.2020 17:00
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    35. Vorstandsitzung

    Wednesday 24.06.2020 11:00